The Ultimate Guide to CrossFit

cross fit

Whether you are new to CrossFit or you have been practicing it for a while now, this activity can completely change your life. Contrary to popular belief, CrossFit is neither a fitness fad nor a cult. It is a transformative experience that makes you stronger and healthier, teaching you how to overcome your fears and awaken your inner warrior. However, to get the most of this training program, you need to properly understand it, from its core values, to its goals and its requirements.

What’s the deal with it?

If you have never practiced this type of fitness before, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, to put it simply, CrossFit is a combination of cardio, strength training and gymnastics. It is a workout style which was initially developed for law enforcement officers. It is very intense and it will make you train like a professional athlete. If you don’t see the purpose of such an intense workout, know that athletes are stronger and healthier than non-athletes, even in old age. So, if you want to enjoy the same health benefits, you must be prepared to push your limits daily.

How does it work?

High intensity exercises are scientifically proven to be the most efficient types of workouts. What makes CrossFit different from other high intensity workouts is the fact that it is trained by professionals which develop unique plans for the needs and the goals of each individual. Moreover, the moves integrated in these workouts are designed to build functional strength. This program can prepare you for any physical effort, as it helps you build the skills and the strength that would help you perform in any physical scenario.

How fast will you see results?

Each individual will have a unique progress with these workouts, but since CrossFit is the most intense training program, it is safe to assume that it will deliver results faster than any other workout. Most people see real results after just a couple of weeks, and we are not talking just about weight-loss, but also muscle gain, increased endurance, increased strength and a better control of the body. The best thing about this training program is that it is supported by measurable and repeatable facts. You will work with a professional trainer which will help you set your goals and measure your progress.

Main advantages

Many people turn to this training program for weight-loss or muscle gain, but the truth is that it has numerous other benefits:

  • Support – CrossFit gyms are non-judgmental environments, where you can benefit from all the support you need, even as a beginner. Moreover, this training program revolves around its close-knit community, so be prepared to be motivated and encouraged not only by the gym staff, but also by the other gym members.
  • New friends – Since the training community is so supportive, a CrossFit gym is a great place for meeting new people and for making new friends.
  • Diversity – Unlike other workouts which force you to repeat the same moves over and over again, you can practice CrossFit for months without doing the same workout twice. The diversity factor also improves your ability to adapt to new moves, and deliver the same performance.

Where do you practice it?

Technically, you can practice CrossFit anywhere, as it doesn’t require any fancy equipment. However, it is best to stat by going to a certified gym in order to exercise under the careful supervision of a professional. Since this training program is highly popular, you should be able to find a nearby gym with a quick online search. If you live in a popular city like New York, you can choose between dozens of certified gyms, and there several Gyms near Grand Central Station. However, even smaller towns will have at least one such gym.

Is it dangerous?

Due to its intensity, CrossFit can be dangerous, especially if you push your limits too far, but this is true for any form of physical activity. To avoid injury, know the difference between tension and pain, and stop any workout when you feel actual pain. Moreover, as a beginner, you should only practice this workout in a certified gym, under the careful supervision of a professional. Last but not least, do not neglect your diet, as you will have to adapt it to help your body perform well during these intense workouts.